#egg bake recipes


  • 1 lb bulk pork sausage (spicy, if desired)
  • 1 box (7 oz) Green Giant™ Steamers™ frozen antioxidant blend vegetables
  • 10 eggs
  • 1 cup whole or 2% milk
  • 1 bag (20 oz) refrigerated O’Brien hash browns
  • 2 cups shredded pepper Jack cheese (8 oz)
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil leaves


  • Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 13×9-inch (3-quart) baking dish with cooking spray. In 8-inch nonstick skillet, cook sausage over medium-high heat 5 to 7 minutes, stirring frequently, until no longer pink; drain.
  • Remove pouch of vegetables from box. Place pouch, printed side up, on microwavable plate. Do not cut slit in pouch. Microwave on high about 2 minutes or until just thawed. In large bowl, beat eggs and milk with whisk. Stir in potatoes, cooked sausage, vegetables, 1 cup of the cheese and 1 tablespoon of the basil. Pour into baking dish. Bake now, or cover and refrigerate up to 12 hours.
  • Bake 60 to 65 minutes, uncovered, until center is set. Sprinkle with remaining cheese during last 5 minutes of bake time. Sprinkle with remaining basil just before serving.

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